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We are Afrinest Global Pvt. Ltd.

A multifaceted group, Afrinest Global Pvt. Ltd. is the bridge that connects Africa and its abundance to the world, while also bringing the best the world has to offer to Africa. And because we only work with businesses that hold international accreditations, we have further cemented our reputation as a group that believes in quality over everything else. While this drive for perfection has established us as one of the leaders in the market with a client base that stretches across the world, including Europe, North America, Middle East and more, it is our exceptional team of passionate individuals that truly sets us apart.

From Africa, we import a wide range of organic, certified and unrefined products that are used in A Grade Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic manufacturing. These products are in their completely natural state and have not undergone any chemical processing. This includes seashell products, agricultural products, mining products, as well as timber logs that are naturally grown. We also import organic and natural dry fruits from Africa and the Middle East.
At the same time, we export unique products such as industrial hygiene wipes that are required by companies that need to comply with USA FDA policies. We also export cosmetic products, both finished and semi-finished, that are sourced from our affiliated manufacturing partners who have the highest level of certifications, ensuring they meet the international quality standards. Another unique product we export is the water stabiliser, which is the basic component in any water treatment plant and makes the water potable and bacteria-free. We have our outsources repackaging plant in Talawade MIDC , Cold storage in Chakan MIDC , Cosmetic plant in Supa MIDC & Reg office at Chinchwad G block MIDC Pune- Maharashtra.

Additionally, we also act as liaisons for companies willing to explore the opportunities offered by Africa as a hub for trade and commerce - helping them establish and run import-export operations from the continent. We also provide a range of services to our clients who need representation in India, such as Import & Export, Sourcing of Raw Materials and Capital Goods, and Licensing. This also includes services for new plant installation, machinery sourcing, expert management and consultancy for commencement and AMC for cosmetic and food processing units in Africa.

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